SciRev is a resource for academic researchers of all disciplines that allow researchers to share their experiences of submitting articles to peer-reviewed journals. Here, researchers submit a review of their experiences with a particular journal (after completing a free registration) and also about the period of the peer review process. You may search these journal […]

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SGPGI-NIH Workshops on ‘Scientific paper writing’, ‘Biostatistics’ and ‘Observational Studies’

As part of an Indo-US Collaboration, the National Institutes of Health, USA has sponsored a series of workshops since 2006 on various aspects of clinical research (with an emphasis on clinical trials), including biostatistics, study design and randomization issues, data management, research ethics, and regulatory aspects. As a continuation of this series, three workshops are […]

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SciVal is a pioneering suite of research tools from Elsevier, that helps you evaluate, establish and execute your research strategies more effectively. Whether you are looking to create strategic blueprints or improve your chances for receiving research grants, SciVal helps you to use your resources more efficiently and provides an accurate overview of the competitive […]

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