Library Rules

General Rules
1. Strict decorum and discipline must be maintained in the Library. Members must carry their ID card while using the Library. They must show their ID card on demand.
2. Use of Cell phone is not allowed inside the library and members are requested to keep them in silent mode inside the library.
3. Smoking, eating, and talking are strictly prohibited in the Library. As the library is a place of individual study and research,members should conduct themselves to maintain an atmosphere  conducive to this .
4. Personal belongings are not permitted inside the library and they may be kept at the library property counter.
5. Books should be handled with care. Marking,underlining or writing either by pen or pencil is most objectionable and should be strictly avoided by member. Tearing of pages or damaging of books will be seriously viewed and member will have to pay the cost of the book, if the  document is seen damaged while returning the same.
7. Members have the privilege of direct access to the shelves in the library and freedom to browse among the books as the Library is following Open access system. But members are advised not to disturb the classified arrangement of books as far as possible. They are requested not to replace the books taken from the shelves. Such books may be left on the nearest table.
8. Damage or loss of books on loan should be reported to the librarian. Members are liable to replace such books with latest edition or pay double the cost of books.
9. No library material should be taken out of the library without the permission of the librarian.
10. Photocopying service is available for members of the library at nominal charges subject to Copyright Act.