JoVE – a video journal

Hang on to your hats…there’s a journal that is completely video based and online!

JoVE is a fantastic collection of short videos that go over basic and advanced laboratory techniques. I highly recommend this resource for anyone who is doing bench research or just interested in finding out what goes on in research labs.

Pop some popcorn and sit back and prepare to be educated!

Learn the basics of copyright in less than 7 minutes

Learn the basics of copyright in less than 7 minutes
Corporate workers share information every day, but what percentage get copyright permission?

Most people don’t knowingly violate copyright law, they are simply unaware of their copyright responsibilities. To help increase awareness, CCC has created a FREE video that provides the basics of copyright in a fun and informative way.

In less than 7 minutes, Jim T. Librarian explains why copyright is important, what is and isn’t covered
under U.S. copyright law, and why attribution isn’t always enough.


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