LangId-Identify your language

LangId is a free web service that allows you to identify in which language was written any text you need to analyze. LangID is the quickest way to retrieve informations about a language you don’t know. Most of the free translations services available online ask you to select the language you want to translate a […]

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Indian Citation Index Database (ICI)

Indian Citation Index Database (ICI) is a multidisciplinary research platform primarily intend to perform literature search and multiple angle evaluation using citations similar to international databases like WoS and SCOPUS. Citation databases are specialized Abstracting & Indexing information products used to evaluate, map and measure information contents using citations as the association of R&D ideas. […]

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Author Mapper

AuthorMapper, an online tool for visualizing scientific research, enables document discovery based on author locations and geographic maps. Integrating content and mapping technology, AuthorMapper provides an easy-to-use, dynamic interface that allows Explore patterns in scientific research Identify new and historic literature trends Discover wider relationships Locate other experts in your field AuthorMapper searches the springer journals collection […]

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The CORAAL tool allows to search and browse knowledge (concepts and their relations extracted and/or inferred from free text), publication meta-data (titles, authors, references, etc.) and the publication text itself. The current installation exposes more than 11000 of Elsevier life science articles related to the cancer research domain.

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SciVal is a pioneering suite of research tools from Elsevier, that helps you evaluate, establish and execute your research strategies more effectively. Whether you are looking to create strategic blueprints or improve your chances for receiving research grants, SciVal helps you to use your resources more efficiently and provides an accurate overview of the competitive […]

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DeepDyve – Search for Research

DeepDyve delivers the research engine for information-savvy consumers who want access to expert content on topics they care about. For the first time, researchers, students, technical professionals, business users, and other information consumers can access a wealth of untapped information that resides on the “Deep Web” — the vast majority of the Internet that is […]

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