Read Ebooks without The Added Expense

Read Ebooks Without The Added Expense

Do you love to read? Books weighing you down? To get started with eBooks, you don’t need to buy an eBook reader or spend any money to get started.

Karan Bajaj & Hitesh Raj Bhagat show you how to get free, public domain eBooks on your existing Smartphone or tablet.


LangId-Identify your language

LangId is a free web service that allows you to identify in which language was written any text you need to analyze.

LangID is the quickest way to retrieve informations about a language you don’t know.

Most of the free translations services available online ask you to select the language you want to translate a text from. This means that if you don’t know what language it is you can not translate it in your language

Using LangID you can understand in which language a text was written and then use an external service to translate it.

ACD/ChemSketch 12.0 Freeware

A Comprehensive Chemical Drawing Package

ACD/ChemSketch contains tools not available in some other commercial drawing packages, including tools for 2D structure cleaning, 3D optimization and viewing, InChI generation and conversion, drawing of polymers, organometallics, Markush structures, and IUPAC systematic naming capability for molecules with fewer than 50 atoms and 3 rings. Further extend and customize the capabilities of ACD/ChemSketch by programming with ChemBasic.

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