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10 marketing tactics

Jonathan Richman (Dose of Digital) have suggested ways that pharmaceutical companies should be using social/digital media today. Ten Digital Marketing Ideas Pharma Companies Will Never Try (But Should)

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Journals Ranked by Impact: Management

Journals Ranked by Impact: Management Rank 2007 Impact Factor Impact 2003-07 Impact 1981-2007 1 MIS Quarterly (5.83) MIS Quarterly (10.87) Adm. Sci. Quart. (81.86) 2 Acad. Manage. J. (5.02) Adm. Sci. Quart. (9.80) Acad. Manage. Rev. (59.93) 3 Acad. Manage. Rev. (4.37) Acad. Manage. J. (7.43) Res. Organization. Beh. (54.58) 4 Organization Science (3.13) Res. […]

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