IETD (Indian Electronic Theses and Dissertations) Portal

The IETD portal is available for access at

Setting-up IETD at INFLIBNET

IETD Repository at INFLIBNET replicates structure of each university in terms of Departments / Centres and School each university has. This structure facilitates research scholars from universities to deposit their theses in the respective Department / Centre. While online submission of electronic theses by researchers / supervisor or university’s representative as mandated by the universities would be preferred, the INFLIBNET encourages individual researchers to submit their theses and dissertations either online or off-line (through E-mail or CD / DVD) on voluntary basis till universities adopt and implement UGC Notification, 2009.

Retrospective Metadata of Ph.D Theses

The INFLIBNET Centre maintains a Union Database of Theses containing bibliographic records of doctoral theses submitted to universities/institutes in India. The theses database of the INFLIBNET, accessible through an interface called IndCat, has over 2,19,074 unique records in different subject areas. These bibliographic records are contributed by participating universities offline. Besides, bibliographic records are also collected from other reliable sources like circulars issued by universities, University News, etc. Universities may ensure that all bibliographic records of theses submitted to their universities are available in the INFLIBNET’s Theses Database.

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