Indian Citation Index Database (ICI)

Indian Citation Index Database (ICI) is a multidisciplinary research platform primarily intend to perform literature search and multiple angle evaluation using citations similar to international databases like WoS and SCOPUS. Citation databases are specialized Abstracting & Indexing information products used to evaluate, map and measure information contents using citations as the association of R&D ideas. The references that researchers cite in their papers make explicit links between their current research and prior work in the literature archive. Indian Citation Index (ICI) organizes these intellectual links by listing both cited and citing works. Like other indexes, ICI enables users to move back in time to previously published papers, but uniquely one can also look forward in time to determine who has subsequently cited an earlier piece of research.

Indian Citation Index (ICI) is a home grown database, planed to have multidisciplinary information/knowledge contents from about 1000 top Indian scholarly journals. It provides powerful search engine basically to perform search and evaluation for researchers, policy makers, decision makers etc.

At present, it is planned to start with five years back files (depth) which would go over 10 years and beyond in next few month’s time. ICI right now is in zero version stage and its alpha version is being issued for users feedback and comments by 15th January 2010 and thereafter shortly its beta version would be launched. It is also planned and working accordingly that in next few months ICI with full search and analytic features would be served to users for using long awaited essentially needed information product. The ICI is owned by M/s Divan Enterprise for all practical purposes.

Currently you may access it by URL: Indian Citation Index

7 thoughts on “Indian Citation Index Database (ICI)

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. Can you please throw more light on the impact factor value attached to the journals listed in this Indian Citation Index database.


  2. I am very much pleased to find that India has a standard citation index. My department is publishing a national journal by name Trends in prosthodontics and dental implantology. Please give me some details of getting it indexed.


  3. Recognised late the need for such a database,it is still a praisable step to index the output of the country.As almost all the forefront nations are having their own citation databases, so india must have also such type of database incorporating its literature mostly in Science and Technology.A large group of researchers are waiting for it so,release it as soon as possible.


  4. Do you know about Indian Citation Index?

    Indian Citation Index Database was developed by the KNOWLEDGE FOUNDATION (DIVAN ENTERPRISE) to improve access to indigenous scientific and technical information

    Indian Citation Index Database ( is Indian premier an abstracts and citation database of peer-review literature and provides advanced information searching and information analytics .It has covered Indian R&D literature across all disciplines i.e. science, technology, medicine, agriculture, social science and humanities get published in 1000 plus journals/ serials or in other documents. Now it has powerful tools-

    *To track, analyze and visualize research and researcher workflow.

    *Quick overview of new subject field in India.

    *Identify authors and author related information.

    * Evaluate research performance.


  5. Thanks for this kind of information share between knowledge society professionals.
    I hope this information become a catalyst towards to building the inforamtion society.


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