ELITE – A Short-term Program on “Leveraging Technology for Effective Teaching in the Classroom & Beyond” for Teachers in the IT Area

With the advent of Internet technologies and the growing popularity and effectiveness of “Technology Enabled Teaching & Assessments”, the Department of  Information Technology, Government of India, in association with the
International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIITB), has created a unique short term program aimed at facilitating teachers from select institutions to adopt state-of-art pedagogical methods, leverage cutting-edge technologies as well as to enable them to deliver effective teaching in the classroom and beyond the confines of the classroom. The program is specifically designed to create a multiplier effect through high-quality teaching and delivery of outcome-based education.

For details of the programme & application forms, pl. visit

For any clarifications/questions, you can contact the programme coordinator, Prof. N J Rao: njraoiisc@gmail.com.

For enrolment related questions, please contact Jayanth Narayanan at 9845990910 or jayanth@radixlearning.com.

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