Advanced Patent Drafting Workshop Being Organised by CII

Confederation of Indian Industry & Andhra Pradesh Technology Development and Promotion Center is organizing an

Advanced Patent Drafting Workshop on Patent Drafting & Technical Skills
(Better Training, Better Writing and Better Patents)
Date: 5-6 October 2009

Venue: National Academy of Agricultural Research Management Campus, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad 500 407

Fee Structure per delegate: Rs. 5000/-

India is growing in technology in leaps and bounds yet there exists a dearth of professionals who understand the dynamics involved in the field of Patent Drafting and Technical Writing Skills. To bridge this lacuna, APTDC under the aegis of CII is organizing an intense and comprehensive one and half day practical Patent Drafting is aimed and provides you cost effective and high quality patent writing skills development, patent specification drafting includes a written description of the invention, background, drawings, summary abstract of the disclosure, patent analysis, patent mapping and listing of claims conforming to the standards and requirements of an International application.

The Workshop will cover:
1) Improve your patent drafting skills.
2) Understand what drives the framing of critical drafting.
3) Acquire theoretical and practical skills related to patents and patent application procedures and to develop claim drafting skills.
4) The core skills to be imparted include scope of patent, patent application procedures, different types of claims, and claim drafting, in compliance with procedural requirements.

Who should attend?
1) Attending the workshop are scientists, researchers, technology managers, inventors, SME’s and attorneys with technical backgrounds, who will be drafting patent claims in the future.
2) This program is designed for private or corporate practitioners with patent experience who wish to improve their general claim drafting and amendment writing skills. Registrants will have the opportunity to concentrate on the specialized skilld required in their technological area.
3) Course material will include sample problems and model solutions.

Early registration is advisable as enrollment is limited.

Programme Schedule
(Each subject is 1 hour except as noted)
Day One, October 5, 2009

Review – Anatomy of a Patent

I. Goals for each section
II. General drafting strategy

Background – Multiple Theories

I. Purpose of the Background
a) Tell the story
b) Avoid Mistakes
II. Discussing prior art

Drafting for Clarity

I. The art of description
II. Claim construction
III. Ensuring that terms mean what you want them to mean

Drafting for Written Description

I. The Written Description Requirement
a) General
b) Chemical cases
c) Biotech cases.
II. Problem areas prosecution, continuations, priority cases
III. Identifying problems during drafting.

Drafting Enablement

I. The Enablement Requirement
II. Using the level of skill in the art
III. Enabling the full scope of the claims.
IV. Experimentation what is “undue”?

Day Two, October 6, 2009

Avoiding Drafting Pitfalls

I. “Patent Profanity”
II. Prosecution history.
III. “Last step before submission”
IV. Checklist

Claims – Scope and Coverage

I. Using Statutory classes
II. Varying claim scope
III. Claims and Specification developing scope.

Claims – Numbers and Relative Terms

I. Plural and singular
II. Claiming relative terms
IV. Functional claiming
V. Ranges

Claims – Preambles, Terms

I. Preamble as limitation.
II. Definiteness
III. Broadening with claim terms
IV. Broadening with spec terms

Claim Families

I. Identifying Potential infringers.
II. Drafting to cover all possible targets.
III. Using dependent claims
IV. Picket fences

Claims and Spec Together – Claim Interpretation (2 hour)

I. Claim construction Exercise
a) From both sides
b) Present arguments

For any queries, contact:
Kamaraju Chitrapy
Executive Officer – IPR
Confederation of Indian Industry
Andhra Pradesh Technology Development & Promotion Centre
1-11-252/9, Plot No:7 Regal house, II Floor,
Motilal Nehru Nagar, Begumpet, Hyderabad -500 016
Tel: 91-40277765837
Fax: 91-40-27765836
Mobile: 98492-39783
Website :

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