In Search of the Obvious by Jack Trout

Branding has become a subject in marketing that has been turned from a molehill into a mountain, rues Jack Trout in In Search of the Obvious (Westland). The subject of branding has spread from products to rock groups, movie stars, and even symphonies, he notes. “Maybe it’s time to cut through all the silliness and clarify things.”

Baffled by over ‘2,000 books covering some topic related to brands or branding,’ Trout finds that what used to be just the logo and the name of a product or a company has now become ‘this almost mystic creation that encompasses unique identities and qualities separate from the product names… In the old days, a brand name was nothing more than a word in the mind. A proper noun that is spelled with a capital letter.’

He is aghast that new managements, goaded by Wall Street, and driven by greed, can unwisely push the brand. An example cited in the book is of Volvo’s marketing initiative, in which agencies were asked to take the advertising beyond safety. Oft-ignored lessons of great importance

Source: BusinessLine


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