Online Tool to generate ITR-1 return

Having got your income tax calculated for this year (2008-09) through GConnect online Income Tax calculation application, now it’s time to file those details in the form of ITR-1 or ITR-2 with Income Tax department.  The last date of filing these returns is 31st July 2009.  GConnect has again made this procedure a simple one by its new online application for generating ITR-1.

While other websites charge for generating ITR returns, it’s absolutely free in GConnect.  Just enter your personal data alongwith your consolidated income and deductions details furnished to you by your employer in the form of Form-16 for this year.  That’s it!  You are ready to generate ITR-1 which can be printed at ease.  The output is in accordance with the format for ITR-1 prescribed by Income Tax Department.

Salaried class are required to file either ITR-1 or ITR-2 depending upon the receipt of income other than salary such as income from house property, captial gains etc. Normally, if you don’t have any income other than salary you can straight away file ITR-1.  We are in the process of finalising the online application for generating ITR-2 also.  The same will be released soon.  Those who have other income such as income from house property, captial gains etc can use it to generate ITR-2

Check this link to generate ITR-1

Source: Gconnect


2 thoughts on “Online Tool to generate ITR-1 return

  1. Unfortunately, the acknowledgment shows total income and deductions under chapter 6A to be the same. Can it be rectified? This may be a little urgent, please!


    • Yes, there seems to be a problem with both ITR-1 and 2. The acknowleldgement sheet shows chapter VIA deductions repeated on two rows. What should have been displayed is the total after the chapter VIA deductions.


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