Explore two million pages of 19th century newspapers

  • Search 49 local and national titles using keywords
  • See your search terms in context
  • View complete articles from the  Penny Illustrated Paper and The Graphic free of charge
  • OR buy a 24-hour pass for £6.99 allowing you to view up to 100 articles, or a seven-day pass with 200 article views for £9.99
  • OR access the whole site free if you are a member of a subscribing institution


This site contains:

  • Millions of articles from 49 London, national and regional newspaper (1800 – 1900) titles.
  • Over two million pages – all fully text searchable with keywords in context visible in the results list.
  • 1000’s of illustrations, maps, tables and photographs.

Use this website to:

  • Search and find results by newspaper, title, and article type.
  • Find people, property, legal notices, and advertisements.
  • Print, email, download, and save articles and page images.
  • Explore bonus content: biographies, publication histories, timelines and more.

One thought on “BRITISH NEWSPAPERS 1800-1900

  1. Does your website have newspapers for the Buckinghamshire area after 11th April 1881, for two months? I’m researching a family murder, in Slough, 11th April 1881.
    Martin Taylor


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