Registration of Clinical Trial in ICMR Clinical Trial Registry

It has been decided to make registration of clinical trial mandatory w.e.f.15th June 2009, which will be applicable for clinical trials initiated after 15th June 2009. Accordingly, while granting permission for Clinical Trials, applicants are now being informed that registration of clinical trial in ICMR Clinical Trial Registry before its initiation will be mandatory from June 15th 2009.


2 thoughts on “Registration of Clinical Trial in ICMR Clinical Trial Registry

  1. It is the good move by ICMR; however by adding the required information we loose confidentiolity of trial sponsor, investigators and status etc. It would have been better if the CTRI form resembled same as FDA 1572 form.


  2. Me and my colleagues authored one of India’s most extensive reports on clinical trials. Drop me a mail if you are interested in a copy. My email is

    Some of the topics we included are:

    – Market Trends
    – Growth Drivers
    – Regulatory Bodies and Framework
    – Major Players.
    We interviewed over 200 individuals and firms to collect the data in what we believe is one of the most detailed study on the subject in India.



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