Ramalingaswamy Fellowship

The Department of Biotechnology has instituted a scheme known as “Ramalingaswami Fellowship” for scientists of Indian origin who are working outside the country in various fields of biotechnology, life sciences, bio-engineering and translational health science and all other related disciplines, and who are interested in taking up scientific research positions in India. Ramalingaswami fellows could work in any of the scientific institutions / universities in the country and would also be eligible for regular research grant through extramural and other research schemes of various S&T agencies of the Govt. of India.

Download Guidelines and Application Proforma

One thought on “Ramalingaswamy Fellowship

  1. Nice to know of the fellowship. Is there a counterpart of it for the researchers of indian origin working in India and are seeking regular positions. If yes, which one. If not, its time there was one. There are so many researchers out here in India who have studied here and leaving their mark in research in this very country but still not finding the right position. The fact that they have done resaerch of internatonal standards in this very own country of theirs calls for fellowships to recognise their effort and commitment to the country.


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