Encashment of Leave for LTC – Condition on nature of leave relaxed

As per Rule 38-A of CCS Leave Rules, 1972, CG employees are permitted to encash earned leave upto 10 days at the time of availing Leave Travel Concession subject to the condition that earned leave of at least an equivalent duration should be availed of by the employee simultaneously.

While facility of LTC is also admissible while availing Casual Leave, employees who are proceeding on LTC after availing leave other than earned leave could not encash their leave availed for LTC as the this procedure allows encashment only for earned leave when LTC is availed.

Now it has been decided by Government to allow encashment of earned leave upto 10 days at the time of availing LTC without any linkage to the number of days and the nature of leave availed while proceeding on LTC.

In fine, issue of this order would definitely  be a happy news for those who avails LTC without proceeding on EL, so that they can save EL to encash the same at the time of retirement.

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10 thoughts on “Encashment of Leave for LTC – Condition on nature of leave relaxed

  1. Whether 10 days encashment of leave can be avail for the dependents only proceeding on LTC tour in case employee unable to accompany them.


  2. whether 10 days encashment leave has to be debited from the leave account same tim/date while availing LTC facilities or after retirement at the time of encashment of leave


  3. sir,
    please clarify whether encashment of the ELon LTC can be deducted at the time of retirement.



  4. Please clarify whether prior intimation specifically is required for grant of leave encashment. (I have intimated priorly of availing LTC but not of availing Leave encashment)


  5. sir,
    iwant to know can i avail encashment of 10 days leave for home town as well as ltc in a block of 4 years. i.e. 10 days encashment for homw town travel and 10 days encashment for ltc durin block of 2009–12. will this 20 days be deducted from my earned leave at the time of retirement because i will have only 250days to my credit
    please clarify


  6. I have received 10 days leave encashment to avail LTC for the bloc year 2006-09 and my LTC claim is forfeited due to non submission of bill in time and department is pressing me to deposit payment of 10 days leave encashment and i have been superannuted retired and my 10% DCRG is withheld due to this , Please clarify whether is it justified when i have actually proceeded on journey for the destination as declared in LTC


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