Compter quips

What is a computer’s first sign of old age?
Loss of memory

What does a baby computer call his father?

CPU prayer: Forgive us our I/O errors as we forgive
those whose logic circuits are faulty.  Lead us not
into frustration and deliver us from power surges.
Blessed be the giver of data, Patron of the data

What is an astronaut’s favorite key on a computer
The space bar.

What happened when the computer fell on the
It slipped a disk.

To err is human, but to really screw things up
requires a computer.

My computer is never sick–it practices safe “hex.”

Why was there a bug in the computer?
It was looking for a byte to eat.

What is a computer virus:
A terminal illness.

How did the mouse get out of the Russian Cathedral?
He clicked on an icon and opened a window.

How was God able to make the universe in only 6 days?
He didn’t do any documentation.

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