India Innovation Pioneers Challenge 2009

Can you change the world? Do you want to build a business that solves problems and generates long-term value? Are you looking for more control over your own destiny?

India Innovation Pioneers Challenge 2009, an innovative business plan competition where the best students, engineers and scientists in teams present how they plan to make the world a better place through their innovations and entrepreneurial skills. The Competition reaches out to the best research institutions, research labs, entrepreneurship-fostering networks and industrial associations across India and affiliates with to find the technologies and teams that can have the greatest impact. Participation in India Innovation Pioneers Challenge 2009 gets you, your technology and your team onto the premier world stage for technology entrepreneurship

Do you have a business idea? Learn how to compete. Download your own copy of Competition handbook

Scholar Sparks

Finest research and technology brains from India’s best technology research institutes, science colleges, medical schools and world’s best B-schools compete here. Click here to know more

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